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            Selective Wave Soldering SUNFLOW DS
            Product features:

            1, the first domestic double electromagnetic pump selective soldering;
            2, high efficiency and energy saving;
            3, top quality;
            4, the whole process shows the welding state;
            5, imported from Germany drip nozzle, high precision.

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            Selective wave soldering for dual electromagnetic pumps


            Domestic first - based electromagnetic pump technology
            High efficiency and energy saving
            High efficiency and energy saving
            High efficiency and energy saving
            Imported German nozzle with high precision

            Selective soldering process:

            Working Process:

            Transport the PCB to flux module

            Spray head move to programed area and flux is applied only to the soldering joint to be made

            Top –side and bottom-side preheat
            Programed electromagnetic pump soldering perfectly formed solder joint
            PCB is transported out

            Fluxing with high precision:

            The SUNFLOW DS standard machine adopts precise nozzle with 130μm diameter which is imported from Germany and can uniformly spray flux in the required welding area. The minimum injection area is 3mm which saves at least 90% flux compared with the traditional spraying.

            Perfect preheating:

            SUNFLOW DS combines top heater and bottom heater and it still performs perfectly even for the lead-free soldering or multi-layer boards. Top convection heater has been proved by Sun East Reflow machine for many years and it can offer an even temperature distribution over the complete board. Bottom IR emitter heater provides optional heating area according the custom board. At the same time, another top heater covers the soldering module and it can maintain the board temperature in all the cycle time.

            Stable High Quality Soldering:

            SUNFLOW DS offers electromagnetic pump system. There is no moving mechanical parts in pump system, so dust is little in process. The pump offer constant flow which translates into stable wave height. The soldering
            module has high precision axis system to ensure the accurate soldering path and with particular process, the system will eliminate the chance of bridging. Besides, process monitor screen and automatic soldering wave
            height detecting are very friendly for users.

            Chain—roller system:

            Conveyor System combines chain and roller transports. Chain transport system is chosen in flux and preheating module. The soldering module use the roller transport which performs good in location board and repeatability.

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