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            dispenser DP 400H
            Product features:

            1.Employs industrial PC control + motion control card, failure acousto-optic alarm and menu display.
            2.Auto visual position recognition and compensation.
            3.Integrated temp. control technology to reduce manual intervention.
            4.Optional for VERMES piezoelectric injection valve which can handle higher viscosity liquid material, faster, accurater and easier to control.

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            High Speed Dispenser

            DP series high speed dispenser has the characteristics of precision, high speed dispensing and filling. It employs jet dispensing technology without Z-axis up &down when running. It breaks through traditional touch dispensing method and solved such problems as icicles, uneven dose, components and products damage and so on, which greatly increases the production efficiency and product quality. It equipped with powerful function module with flexible application which is the best choice for precision dispensing.

            Dispensing applications

            Cell phone frame smart dispensing、LENS assembly dispensing of LED backlight light bar、UV protective encapsulation、Under fill、SMT dispensing


            Spray liquid with high precision, greatly increase the production efficiency

            Linear motor for driving X ,Y-axis, fast and with higher accuracy

            Rubber valve nozzle with automatic cleaning function

            ndustrial PC + motion control card for controlling, failure acousto-opticalarm and menu display.

            Auto visual position recognition and compensation.

            Optional:Laser-measured height,microbalance and other function

            Integrated temperature control techniques to reduce manual intervention

            Off-line or on-line visual programming.

            Unisplendour Suneast Jet Valve,The highest frequency can reach 200HZ

            Optional: Piezoelectric jet valve which can handle liquid materials with a higher viscosity; faster, more accurate and easier tocontrol, realize superfast dispensing.

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