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            Wave Soldering PEAK
            Product features:

            Peak series wave soldering shows superiority in performance, stability, reliability, safety, operability and maintainability. Aims to reduce customer operational cost and improves soldering quality.

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            • Product parameters
            • Product details

            PEAK Series Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine

            The transfer system uses sectional floating structure to prevent deformation of transportation rail. Non-stick titanium fingers design and directly connected to assure smooth PCB loading.

            Spray fluxer unit has integrated the mechanical moving body, gas and liquid sprayer and electrical control into one unit, and fast connect controller. New precision spray nozzle ensures efficient and even spraying, meeting the needs of water soluble soldering fluxes.

            Preheating system consists of three nergysaving drawer tructurepreheating zones using hot air and infrared heating tube, allows electionof mixed preheating mode and ensure temperature stability.

            Air cooling system (cold water cooling system is ptional).

            The solder pot is made of special material with coating of anti-corrosion, solder pot temperature is controlled +/-2°C. Twisting design of nozzle is convenient for installation and removal, the automatic flow guiding unit is convenient for solder dross collection and adjustment of the wave shape. Solder pot can be operated manually or automatically.

            Window 7 operation system, Chinese-English interchangeable interface, including the functions of saving and recall of parameter setting, detection of heat curve and remote monitoring. Low liquid level alarm setting for flux and solder.


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