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            small size wave slodering
            Product features:

            ?Compact structure and small footprint. ?PC+PLC control system. ?IR preheating, high thermal efficiency and uniform temperature. ?Stepper motor control spraying, more stable and reliable. ?Adopts small solder pot, reduces the cost.

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            small size wave slodering machine

            ETS-300 Flexible Modular Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine


            ? Transportation: Input board directly. Stainless steel chain conveyor, durable and special design for aluminum alloy track. Applied floating track for different stages for preventing deformation.

            ? Preheating system: Drawar-type energy-saving design, IR preheating, PID mode temperature control, temperature control accuracy can reach ±2°C, the temperature dropping is ≦5° between preheating zone and soldering zone.

            ? Flux spraying system: Managed by digital control. The motion of the spray nozzle Is controlled by stepper motor. Flux supply Is controlled automatically for optimized effect Exhausting and filter system installed on the top.

            ? The solder pot is made by cast iron with anti-corrosion ceramic coating equipped with two low flow rate nozzles.

            ? Forced air cooling system.

            ? PC+PLC control system, Windows 7 operating system, Chlnese/English operation Interface, process proflle/data automatic storage function, lower or higher flux level alarm; lower tin level alarm.




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