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            Hangzhoumemory, Meeting in July –Unisplendour Suneast attended China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Forum in Hangzhou on 21st July
            Release date:2017-11-10

                    Zhejiang (Hangzhou) advanced intelligent manufacturing and reliability engineering technology seminar,one of 2017CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Series Forum, was held atHangzhouMinghao International Hotel on21st July, and it was a specialand authorized lecture which made by the experts of the Fifth Institute(China Saibao laboratory)of Industry and Information Technology Electronics Ministry.


                     CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Series Forum has always been centered on the industry 4.0, China manufacturing 2025, electronic intelligent manufacturing and other main lines, to promote China electronic intelligent manufacturing innovation and application,and China electronics manufacturing industrydevelopment. This forum provided the frontier science and technology development trend of electronic manufacturing technology,electronic manufacturing technology applications, electronic manufacturing process sharing, electronic product reliability, intelligent electronic manufacturing, electronics manufacturing smart factory, and the user application demonstration, total seven major topics.

                    Ziguang Ridong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. as a leading domestic SMT equipment business and in the international community has a pivotal role, also invited to participate in the meeting. On behalf of the purple day east to attend the meeting is the industry experienced Lin Xiaoxin, general manager, with high-end products - "BIMS intelligent manufacturing management system" to attend the meeting, entitled "BIMS intelligent manufacturing management system in the production equipment applications.


            what is BIMS?
                    In order to meet the JIT (Just In Time) and BTO (build to order) and other new-type production mode, higher quality products required by the customer and market, Unisplendour Suneast BIMS system usethe powerful data collection engine, cloud storage and cloud computing technology, which is an intelligent manufacturing system, and integrating the raw material supply, production planning, process control, product delivery, and customers tracing, total five functions. It can realize the information integration, transaction processing and intelligent manufacturing in different stages, and gives full play to the role of enterprise informatization, and establishes a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve industrial 4.0. It is the ultimate solution and leader of SMT line data information management and control.

            What are the characteristics of BIMS system?

                   Seamless connection with productionequipment; achieve seamless connection with thescreen printer, dispenser, reflow oven, wave solderingand other equipmentof Unisplendour Suneast, automatically collect all the valuable data.
                    Super data acquisition capability from the third party; BIMS can obtain data from 1D bar codes, 2D bar code, PLC, electronic scales, multimeter, Fluke meter, PID module and other information carrier or equipment, and throughthe industrial cameras, sensors to collect data from the equipment without data interface. 


                    Data report and data mining; automaticallycalculate the production efficiency, qualified rate, OEE and other key indicators at real time, form report, get the effective information from the collected data automatically, make prejudge and suggestioncombined with the analysis of massive data. 
            Powerful intelligent manufacturing capability; intelligent scheduling, pre-warning, error proofing,energy conservation,maintenance, and diagnosis.
            Core management module of BIMS system.


            BIMS system provides series of special managing tools and methods in modulized way, which can refactor the production management system or the manufacturing execution system; with the self-developed rapid reconstruction mechanisms, and according to the customer business requirement, each module of the system can be assembled and depth customized flexibly, and add new features to make BIMS system has better ductility; according to the basic framework, the main functions of BIMS system include: JIT production, data tracing, intelligent error proofing, intelligent maintenance, intelligent energy saving, remote management, warehouse management, purchase management, engineering management; the actual customer system details, will be customized according to customer needs, which has a deviations from the standard functional architecture.
                    Managers: Real time control the production status at anytime and anywhere. Real-time order progress, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), production efficiency, product yield and so on,realize the order driving, Kanban management, pull production.
                    Technical personnel:Remote equipment control.Active report of the state, automatic parameters switching, remote operation control and so on; you can get reminders in advance, and control the operation of equipment at once.


                   Theindependent research and development BIMS system by Unisplendour Suneast with purpose of paperless, no error, zero inventory, no waste, aims to help enterprises to achieve a lower production cost, higher production efficiency, wider production scope, less production personnel and faster market response speed.