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            2017 Unisplendour Suneast Market Development
            Release date:2017-11-10

                    Unisplendour Suneast takes part in NEPCON South China 2017 during 25th~ 27th April and it provides "one-stop" innovative solutions for the entire electronics manufacturing industry.

                    Unisplendour Suneast followed the industry exhibition steps to expand the vision, broaden their views, learn advanced technology, exchanges and cooperation, make full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate, negotiate with the customers and dealers, and further enhance the brand and influence of the company.

                    At 25th April afternoon, the general manager of Unisplendour Suneast, Lin Xiaoxin was interviewed by EM LEADER TV and CCTV discovery.He said that Unisplendour Suneast will constantly improve the product technology and service quality, enhance the product soccupancy in the domestic market, and follow the national " the Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy, vigorously explore the overseas market. Relying on the deep technical precipitation, Unisplendour Suneast will build blocks for China"intelligent manufacturing", enhance the enterprise service, and promote the rapid development of China's SMT equipment manufacturing industry!

                    In 26th April morning, the general manager Lin Xiaoxin, on behalf of Unisplendour Suneast carried out the agent authorization ceremony of the proprietary products with Nanjing Yin Tai automation equipment Co., Ltd., which will be the strategic partner. Join Unisplendour, Nirvana rebirth, poised to get ready for battle! With the mutual benefit and common development principles, nanny services, and consultant service for customers, Unisplendour Suneast and Yin Tai automation equipment Co., Ltd.will cooperate and further strengthen the group's strategic objectives.

                    In 26th April afternoon, the accredited journalist interviewed the general manager through live broadcast. Mr. Lin introduced Unisplendour Suneast equipment, and the advantages of the products and technologies the market. And also, General Manager Lin gave a summit forum speech about NEPCON and smart factory 1.0- Electronics Manufacturing Future in No. 2 meeting roomof Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, which is mainly about the new model of the making-to-order production;higher requirements from the products quality, customer, and market; usage of powerful data acquisition engine, cloud storage and cloud computing technology; intelligent integrated system which include raw material supply, production planning, process control, product shipments, customers tracing functions.

                    In addition to share and communication with customers and partners, based on market demand, and the technological innovation as the driving force,Unisplendour Suneast is determined to meet the severe development challenges of the industry with a new look.