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            SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017 online
            Release date:2017-11-10

                   Unisplendour Suneast attended the 2017 SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibitionat Nuremberg Exhibition Center during 16th ~-18th May.

                  SMT Hybrid Packaging show is a leading event in microelectronic systems integration, which provides an opportunity for global SMT vendors to show their products, solutions and services. 

                    Most of the visitors in the show are mainly the experts and policy makers of the management, development, production, quality control and technical management department. Unisplendour Suneast followed the industry exhibition steps to expand the vision, broaden their views, learn advanced technology, exchanges and cooperation, make full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate, negotiate with the customers and dealers, and further enhance the brand and influence of the company and got the good reviews from the visitors.

                   As a leader inmultiple equipment manufacturing industry,Unisplendour Suneast undertakes to lead the industry progress and do the best equipment Chinese mission, change from Made in China to Create in China, move forward to intelligent manufacturing and smart future, realize the Belt and Road Initiatives and face to the global market.