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            Unisplendour Suneast, the core enterprise under Unisplendour holding carried BIMS system participated 2017 Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Exhibition
            Release date:2017-11-10

                During 27th– 29th July, as the leader of China's intelligent equipment industry, Unisplendour Suneast was invited to attend 2017 Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Fair and also Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Fair (referred to as "Intellectual Fair"), with the selective wave soldering machine, dispenser, screen printer, chip mounter and the reflow oven for exhibiting, and held "BIMS intelligent manufacturing management system" theme forum.


            Exhibits – the whole SMT line

                    "Intelligent changes the future, Industry promotes development" is the theme of this Intellectual Fair, which is sponsored by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Committee, Shenzhen Bao’an District People's Government, Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association, and it is a professional exhibition which the theme of it is special for intelligent and electronic equipment industry in China currently. The "Intellectual Fair" aims to build domestic and even world-class intelligent equipment, electronic professional exhibition, which integrated the domestic and foreign resources efficiently, highlighted the intelligent automation equipment, robots, 3D printing, and wear industry exhibition theme.
                    During the exhibition, the leaders of Shenzhen Municipal Government visited Unisplendour Suneast booth, and hoped that Unisplendour Suneast would lead the intelligent equipment industry development in Shenzhen.


            Lin Xiaoxin, the general manager introduces products to the government leaders.

                    This most eye-catching thing in the exhibition is BIMS intelligent manufacturing management system. BIMS intelligent manufacturing management system was built in the SMT line equipment, Unisplendour Suneast people show BIMS system operating methods and working principle to the audience at siteand timely answered their questions, which greatly got the praise and attracted a lot of viewers.


            The staff controlled BIMS system with the mobile terminal on-site operation.

              During the 3 exhibition days, Unisplendour Suneast became a star booth for visiting, and a continuous stream of visitors came for visiting. Everyone showed a strong interest to Unisplendour Suneast SMT machine, many customers directly knew well about the scientific and technological strength of Unisplendour Suneast, and almost twenty customers expressed their cooperative willingness.